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Eublah Exotics is a registered wildlife breeding and collecting business in Ghana. We have been in the wildlife trade for over 20 years. Our main business is the exports of Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Arthropods and Tortoises.

Eublah Exotics is a registered wildlife broker business in Ghana. We source reptiles, Invertebrates, mammals and birds from all over Africa. We also have a large breeding farm and are currently breeding Geochelone Sulcatas, Leopard Tortoise, Panther Chameleons and Breaded Dragons. very soon, we will start exporting from Ghana, captive bred Emperor Scorpions( pandinus imperators).

We also run wildlife tours for people who want to see their favourite African pets in the wild. Ghana has unique wildlife resources, and we can arrange so you see birds like the Grey Parrots, crown eagles, rock fowls etc. in nature. Also, reptiles like the royal pythons are easily available.
Insects hobbyist are not left out. We can arrange the needed permits for collecting and even sending dried insects out of Ghana. Our rainforest is full of attractive butterflies and beetles. Ghana is the home of the Goliath Beetles and lots of charaxes.

Eublah Exotics is the first West African farm to successfully breed panther and veil chameleons as well as red foot tortoises.
Our aim is to breed a lot more tropical exotic wildlife species in the near future. Eublah exotics source mammals and birds for zoos and private breeders worldwide. We also engage in wildlife research and relocation of animals. Ghana is the home of some desirable pets in the world.

Eublah Exotics runs tour services for all interested persons or groups. Have you ever wished to see;

Royal pythons in the wild
African grey parrots in the wild
Emperor scorpions in the wild
The Goliath Beetles in the wild and a host of other interesting wildlife species

We hope to be your source of quality African wildlife.

We have two breeding facilities and a quarantine. Most of our shipments come on British Airways, Delta Airlines, Ethiopia Airways, Kenya Airways and Alitalia.

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